TCL Chinese Theatre: A Must-Visit For Movie Buffs

The TCL Chinese Theatre is one of the most iconic movie theaters in the world. Located on Hollywood Boulevard, it has been a landmark since it opened its doors in 1927. With many years of history, this theater has undergone many changes and renovations. But as far as its current state is concerned, this theater should be celebrated for its historical significance and nostalgic charm.

1. History of the TCL Chinese Theatre

If you are a movie buff, there is no way that you have missed the TCL Chinese Theatre. Here is a brief history of this remarkable place. It all started in 1925 when Sid Grauman completed his latest film, The Phantom of the Opera. The film was highly successful, and he built another theater for future Hollywood premieres. He purchased the small theatre at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard and hired architect Meyer & Holler to design a truly unique theatre. The TCL Chinese Theatre opened in August of 1927, and the new owner, Sid Grauman, was highly excited about his new theater. Over the years, this theater has seen many movies premieres and has been home to many influential actors.

2. What Makes This Building Singularly Unique?

The TCL Chinese Theatre still looks like its original self after multiple renovations. This is why anyone who sees this theater will remember the grandeur of Hollywood’s golden era. The theater’s exterior retains its original look with slight modifications, such as new palm trees and a red carpet. But what makes it truly special is its interior decor. The theater boasts a large lobby with beautiful chandeliers, a ticket booth, a foyer, concession stands on both sides, and souvenir shops selling movie memorabilia.

3. Touring the Theatre

Touring the theater is a must-do activity. Each corner of this theatre has something different to show you. Many visitors are amazed that the stage area is still in its original state. The backstage areas are just as impressive with its many dressing rooms, green and makeup rooms, costume department, and props storage. There is also a replica of Grauman’s theater which revolves around the TCL’s original marquee that still reads “Sid Grauman. Arch.” Overall, the tour is highly recommended to all visitors as it will give you a brief history of the most extraordinary theater in Hollywood.

4. Making the Most of Your Visit

This venue should be on every tourist’s list. It will take at least 2-3 hours to tour the entire place, buy some movie memorabilia, and grab a bite from one of the concession stands. Check the schedule of upcoming movie premieres before you visit this theater. You can even purchase tickets for a movie premiere and watch it from the TCL Chinese Theatre’s premiere seats. If you have time, try going to another Sid Grauman theater, such as Egyptian Theatre or El Capitan Theater. These attractions are so unique that you should also check them out in Hollywood.

Like the famous quote from Grauman, “You will always remember your first visit to the TCL Chinese Theatre,” so make sure to mark this place on your list. It is one of the best places to immerse yourself in Hollywood’s most memorable moments. Visiting TCL Chinese Theatre is one of the most amazing things to do in the LA area. It is widely known as the most famous and beautiful theatre of all time.