Closing on a House? Here Are The Steps From Making An Offer To Sitting At The Closing Table

Before you consider moving into your new home, you must ensure all issues with the property that could cause problems later on, are settled. These are called closing contingencies. Homes for sale in LA undergo many steps before closing. Here’s how it all works:

Make an Offer

Your offer acceptance is the first step in the closing process. This is when you and your real estate agent will agree on a price and terms of sale. The seller can accept or reject your offer, but if they don’t respond within three days of receiving it, you’ll have to start with another buyer.

The Inspection

The home inspection is a professional inspection of the home. You should ensure that your inspector is certified and has experience in home inspections. The best thing you can do before starting this step is to schedule an appointment with your real estate agent or broker, so they can help guide you through the process.


Underwriting is a process that determines if you’re eligible for a loan. It helps determine whether or not your lender will approve your mortgage application and offer you a reasonable rate. Your lender decides whether or not they want to commend you as a homeowner based on their risk analysis.


When you purchase a house, finding out what it’s worth is crucial. Appraisers are licensed professionals who determine the value of properties by looking at comparable properties in your area. They use a variety of factors, including square footage and features like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as local market trends. This information helps them determine whether or not your home is worth more than what you’re paying for it.


When you’re buying a house, attorneys are there to protect your interests. They review the contract and make sure everything is in order before closing. They also help with all the other steps of purchasing a home, such as ensuring that you have enough money for closing costs and taxes, finding out whether or not there are any liens on your property and others. Attorneys get involved throughout the entire process.


Walk-through is a time to inspect the property, check for damage and negotiate repairs before closing. At this point, you’ll want to ensure all appliances are working and any damage that needs fixing or replacing. You’ll also want to check out any areas of concern, like leaks or pests, as these issues can delay your closing date by several days, if not weeks!

Closing Day

Closing day is when you’ll see your new house for the first time. This is the day you get the keys to your new home. It gives a chance to celebrate with friends and family.

Purchasing a house is a significant step in your life, and you want to ensure everything runs smoothly. When you are ready to make an offer on a home, it’s essential to follow these steps so that everything goes smoothly.